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transmission-warranty-maintenance-service-bltransmissionsYou bought your car from a local Medford, Phoenix, Ashland, Grants Pass, or other Southern Oregon car dealer. You threw the big fat envelope on the seat beside you when you drove off. Eventually it ended up in your glove box. You were so excited to get behind the wheel and enjoy your brand new car. Okay now the romance of the honeymoon is starting to wear off. Yes you still love your car, it's your baby. And you may have even named it. Question is, did you read all those papers the salesman stuck in your hands when you walked out the door a year or so ago? Most people don't and that is a big problem for you.

All new cars (and some used ones too) come with a warranty, a contract between you and the factory or warranty writer. That warranty is the pledge of product quality that the car manufacturers provides. Everyone has heard of the horror stories of the guy that drives off the lot only to incur a several thousand-dollar repair. two weeks later . That's no fun. A warranty helps to cover most of the cost of major repairs of your new car within a specified period of time. Do you know what those time limits are? Do you understand that it also includes required maintenance on your part, or the warranty to just paid for is void. You paid for it, use it!

Many people take their vehicles in to get a major repair done only to discover that the warranty they are paying for is worthless. If your contract says you must have regular transmission service, oil repairs, or other annual check ups and you don't do them, your warranty won't pay. And you probably won't get your money back for it either. Don't let it get voided when you need a major repair because you didn't do the required maintenance to keep the warranty active.

Don't wait to do your first oil change after 30,000 miles. Most manufacturers recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles and may void your warranty if you go over 5,000. Be careful! And keep your receipts and proof you completed the oil changes. You may need them. Depending on your car, a tune-up should be done between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. You'd be amazed at how well your gas mileage would improve just doing these two things alone. Clean air, oil and fuel filters will improve your automobile's performance. Filters are like the liver and kidneys of your body. They have to be functioning properly or your car will shut down.

Bring your original paperwork with you. We'll be happy to look it over and see what you are required to do to keep your warranty from being voided. Your owner's manual will also help with notifying you of suggested or recommended maintenance items. Can't find your paperwork or manual? No problem. We can look it up for you. We've done enough factory recommended maintenance items that most of them we know by memory.

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