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We Can Diagnose and Repair the Transmission of Most Autos, Trucks and RVs. Read More
Don't Void Your Car's Warranty! Let us do the required transmission service and maintenance so you don't lose your valuable protection. Read More

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inspecting-transmission-component-bltransmissionsStrange black spots appear in your driveway, or you feel a new vibration, or hear clicking sound you haven't heard before. Do you hesitate taking your car to a automobile technician? Are you are afraid it will turn out to be a major repair? Even though we all consider putting off having someone look under the hood because of the cost, delaying could cause further damage or you could get stranded out on the highway. Have it checked out so you know where you stand and what you need to do.

Now is the time to have us check out the problem. Just like a doctor can listen to your body to figure out what is going on with you we can listen to your engine, pop the hood and look inside to see what's wrong with your car.

Is it a fuel pump or fuel filter problem? Do you need just a tune-up or an overhaul? Belts squealing in the engine or is it your brakes? We have years of experience and we will give you the straight scoop the first time. We tell you what it will cost you, when the parts will be available and when you can expect to pick up the vehicle.

We won't over sell you, and like to take the "If it ain't broke, we won't try fixin' it!" approach. We want your repeat business. That means honesty has to be a part of the repair as much as the part we put into your car. We want you to be happy. Let us know if it is still not right. We will keep working until you are satisfied.

Now, with all that said if we spot a problem not necessarily related to the issue that brought you in to our conveniently and centrally located shop in Medford, Oregon, we will point it out to you in a professional manner. We explain things in simple terms and won't mock you if you don't know all the technical terminology.

Under the Lift with Steven Babbitt


Here we take a look under the car or truck the way a transmission specialist sees it. I show you where the front-wheel drive transmission is located on a Mini Cooper and the four-wheel drive on a pickup truck.


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