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  • Transmissions

    inside-of-a-transmission-bltransmissionsYour car runs pretty good, the engine seems pretty good. Most people change the oil, get the tune-ups, factory maintenance types of service. Many people however forget about the transmission service. Without the drive-train propelling your vehicle how often you changed your oil won't matter. It really is what makes you GO! Keeping this working it's best is a top priority for a well running vehicle.

    Front Wheel Drive

    Small and medium sized cars often have Front Wheel Drive transmissions. These transmissions have a relatively simple system that takes the power from your engine and pushes it out to your wheels. Because these transmissions are located more towards the front of the vehicle (and are generally on small/mid sized vehicles) there is less room for repairs. It can be a little tricky. These vehicles get better traction on wet and icy roads than Rear Wheel Drive cars and don't have quite the stability as the All Wheel drive vehicle.

    Rear Wheel Drive

    Many of the cars and trucks on the roads today have Rear Wheel drive power trains. This system had the advantage of being more towards the rear of the vehicle (hence the "Rear Wheel Drive label), and allows for more room for bigger engines. This type of system is a little easier to work on, but has higher maintenance needs than the Front Wheel Drive models.

    All Wheel Drive

    Your All-wheel drive system adds the best of both the Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive. With this system, the transmission, u-joint, drive-shaft, and rear differential push the front wheels as well. Some of these vehicles are full-time All Wheel Drive, and some require you to engage it. Either way, you've got power to all four wheels. Obviously this is a more complex system, and regular maintenance is very important to keep it working smoothly.

    Stop by our shop in Medford, Oregon if your transmission seems to be slipping, leaking, or if you are having problems with the gears shifting smoothly.

Under the Lift with Steven Babbitt


Here we take a look under the car or truck the way a transmission specialist sees it. I show you where the front-wheel drive transmission is located on a Mini Cooper and the four-wheel drive on a pickup truck.


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